Do I have to visit In-Person for an Initial Appointment?

Short Answer...

  • No. All our client consults have now become "telemedicine" and  take place via Telephone, Skype, Face Time, Free Conference Call etc. (We no longer operate a  Clinic space in Ashland in order to reduce overheads, and work from a studio and office located on our rural property outside town)


Longer Answer...

  • According to almost all State Medical Board rules of practice Physicians (MDs) are not allowed to give Telemedicine (internet) advice without an initial in-person visit and physical examination (P/E) with the patient. Herbalists do not enjoy Medical Board Licensure in the US and therefore these  guidelines are not legally applicable.

Our Informed Consent Documnet (which all new patients must agree to sign) explains that

  • a) herbalists are not licensed to perform diagnosis  ...
  • b) cancer patients have invariably been extensively diagnosed, tested, staged, worked up etc before they consult with us.

As a result, our Telemedical consults are in agreement with the intent of patient protection provided by the medical requirements regarding physical examination and diagnosis. 

Rarely, we have reviewed cases where our opinion is that the patient's diagnosis is questionable. In such cases, we simply suggest that the Patient obtains a second opinion from a licensed provider, because we are limited to providing information not making diagnoses.

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