Buying Dietary Supplements on the Internet?

Your protocol will specify particular commercial brands which have been carefully selected for their quality and efficacy. Jonathan Treasure has no financial interest in any supplement or herb company, and does not re-sell products. 

It is highly recommended that new patients purchase all initial protocol materials from our recommended fulfillment suppliers, because it can be challenging and stressful (if not impossible) to obtain all protocol materials yourself and the cost savings are minimal. It is not recommended that you substitute other brands for those specified, unless there are compelling reasons (such as a large purchase from another practitioner).

In some cases it may be possible to locate equivalent quality products. We do research all commercial products that we specify but do not have time to discuss or research other materials. It is possible, however, that some of the specified products and brands in your protocol can be found on the internet, e.g. on Once you are conversant with your protocols and products you are using, it is definitely possible to "shop around" for the specified products and sometimes find good deals. Please remember to purchase only the specified brands. 

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