Testimonial: Acinar Carcinoma (salivary)

Jill K: Acinar Salivary Tumor

Shortly after being diagnosed with a rare salivary gland cancer, I was referred to Jonathan Treasure. I have no doubt that working with Jonathan has given me an edge each step of the way on this journey through cancer. While I have followed a traditional allopathic treatment plan with my oncologists, I give equal weight and equal credit to Jonathan's contributions to my treatment. It is hard to say where I would be without Jonathan’s support and his protocols, but I do know that I fared far better than most through treatment – recovering beyond expectations from surgeries, radiation and paralysis.

Consulting with Jonathan is like pushing the reset button that reframes, recharges, and shifts my understanding and outlook of where I am. At the end of every conversation I have hope, optimism, and new information with which to move forward. His care and concern, his knowledge and treatment protocols give me the physical and emotional support and the confidence I need, every step of the way.

While my case is ongoing, I am strong and feel quite healthy and vital. I believe that this is largely due to Jonathan and I am tremendously thankful.

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