Testimonial: Colon cancer recurrence

Linnea Harvey Recurrent colon cancer

I just wanted to update Jonathan Treasure on my current status.
Thank you for all of your help and advice. You are the Best!!!!

After completion of my 2nd full cycle of  Xeloda and Avastin, (plus Celerbrex), I had a CT scan on 7/6/11.
The radiologist’s report was more confusing than helpful, as the radiologist suggested my condition was slightly worse than the prior 3/25/11 CT. I challenged my doctor to have the report reread and asked my surgeon to also get me a 2nd opinion. .

 My oncologist and I were a bit taken back, as this tumor by hand and by eye was barely detectable. We researched getting me on a trial of the new B-Raf mutation drug, which was not successful.  Adding Irinotecan was suggested as the next line of standard treatment although the Caris assay had suggested that Irinotecan would not be of clinical benefit.

 Rather than destroy my immune system and lose my hair with a drug that had little evidence of benefit, I contacted Weisenthal and set up a Functional tumor profile _*(on your sound advise Jonathan).*_ The question was if there was a big enough node left to remove for the test. The surgeon agreed to try; the node was removed on 7/15/11. He found 2 small nodes, which he believed, combined to be smaller than 1.5 cm and found no evidence of spreading.
I am now waiting  Weisenthal to complete their profile.
*Thank you again Jonathan, for explaining to me just how valuable it is to get evidence of what drugs will actually work and to have Dr. Weisenthal on my team.* Connie Ruff at Weisenthal, has been wonderful thus far and my oncologist is actually looking forward to personally consulting with Dr. Weisenthal!!!! Of course I will be copying you on Weisenthals recommendations as soon as they are ready for your recommendations.
I have also had 4 sessions of acupuncture and most of my pain has been alleviated. The acupuncturist is currently concentrating on strengthening my immune system.

My oncologist was thrilled to learn of the Veridex CTC blood test, (which Jonathan told me about)   I had the CTC blood test performed at the same time as the last CT Scan so to have a reliable baseline going forward. I am awaiting those results. (Less radiation!)

 My best to everyone at the clinic and my sincerest thanks and gratitude Jonathan for all of your most valuable help and concern!

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