Testimonial: Breast Cancer

Donna B : breast cancer 

My relationship with Jonathan Treasure is the best unintended consequences that emerged from my cancer experience. In the beginning, when I was in shock from the initial breast cancer diagnosis he coaxed me down off a ledge of an overwhelming anxiety. He instilled me with a hope for a future in which I was more than just a statistical probability. He guided me through the chemo treatments and helped me realized just what I could, and what I should not, expect from my oncologist. His willingness to work in conjunction with the standard treatments, and his extensive knowledge of both herbal and oncological science, helped me feel I was doing everything possible to fight the disease. Most importantly, I was not required to chose one approach over the other but felt supported in both.

I am able to consistently implement the nutritional and adjunctive supplemental therapies he recommends. His concise protocols simplified the complexity of transforming my diet. Having all the various materials, and there are many, available through his pharmacy kept everything as easy as possible at a time when I was easily overwhelmed by just about anything. I was and certainly unable to wade all the “beat cancer with nutrition” literature provide by well meaning friends and without Jonathan's help would have floundered in a sea of information.

As time as passes, and I continued to live, my on going relationship with Jonathan inspires me, and my family, to continue along healthy paths for years to come. I am honored for the opportunity to enthusiastically recommend Jonathan to anyone who must endure cancer, and if you would like more information please fell free to contact me at dbudds@mac.com.

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