Testimonial: Lymphoma (Large B-cell)

Carol Trasatto Lymphoma 

Being a professional herbalist, when I was diagnosed with an aggressive, advanced lymphoma in December of 2009, I knew I would solicit the counsel of those whose work I relied upon in my own practice. I wanted to enlist the best thinking of those I considered to be working at the cutting edge, so to speak, of complementary cancer therapeutics.

I was thrilled to be able to work with Jonathan, whom I had long highly respected as a botanical research maestro with a sense of humor and perspective. Those traits served me well as he helped guide me through the varied terrain of preparing for chemo, the five-month treatment period, and recovery. All along the way, it has been fantastic to have Jonathan on my team, with his high level of understanding of both the chemo-agents and the relevant botanical allies. I found him to be frank and compassionate, creative and inspired, and a ready tutor when questions arose.

I am now in remission and people tell me I look better than ever. “Radiant” is a word I hear often. I continue to work in a holistic manner, every day, to deepen and strengthen my health. And I continue to consult with Jonathan as needed, and recommend him enthusiastically to others in need of his services.


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