WHERE DO I GET MY STUFF? (Protocol Fulfillment)

For botanical protocol fulfillment I recommend the Center for Natural Healing in Norwalk CT (CNH East). I have worked with this apothecary for many years and they have a comprehensive stock of herbs in both extract and dried form, as well a large number of dietary supplements that are recommended on my protocols. For herbs and botanicals they should be used.... New patients are urged to purchase their initial protocol materials all at the same time from CNH East. Once you are settled with your protocol and its requirements you may wish to use other sources for commercial supplements (not herbs), but I do recommend staying with the brands specified on your protocol.

The CNH East web site is at http://www.centrehealingct.com/apothecary/

Their list of supplements is at http://www.centrehealingct.com/inventory/nutritional-supplements-and-vitamins/


CNH East in Norwalk, CT. 

Contact: Anna

Phone: 203-857-0202

Web: http://www.centrehealingct.com

Fax: 203-857-8181

Hours (Eastern Time): Mon-Fri 9:30AM to 4:00PM; Sat 10:00AM to 1:00PM

Delivery: UPS



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