Our  Clinic Help Desk tool is powered by a fairly sophisticated commercial software support system (ZenDesk) that we have repurposed to increase efficiency of tracking patient-office communications by allowing "tickets" or "threads" for each single enquiry or support conversation. This is intended to ensure that  each specific topic or question is pursued until its "ticket" is closed, and that no topic is lost by "slipping through  the cracks" of inbox clutter.

Current patients can reach the Help Desk 24/7 in three ways

  • Log In with a browser at the Help Desk Page itself with your user name and pass word. That address (which you could bookmark) is as follows   (recommended)
  • Email to  This email enters the system directly and is treated as a new "ticket" or support request.
  • Leave a telephone voicemail at the automated transcription channel of the Help Desk by calling (541) 862 5202. The voice mail is transcribed as text and becomes a new support ticket or request.

I always recommend using the browser login using your own "credentials" because  regular email is less secure as it passes through the internet.

Currently Zendesk has been updating the way that the Clinic Help Desk email channel operates and this is requring "under the hood" modifications to our server installation which unfortunately has been causing some intermittent problems with email, especially outgoing attachments. As a result I am sending all important outgoing emails with protocols and attachements by DUAL emails , one from the Help Desk and the second from " ie the regular email channel.

If you wish to use initiate a support request by EMAI

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