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Jonathan Treasure July 11, 2012 IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENTS

1. Phone the Help Desk Hotline - (541) 862 5202. IF you get voicemail LEAVE YOUR NAME,  EMAIL ADDRESS (SPELL OUT) & BRIEFLY STATE REASON FOR YOUR CALL. Our Clinic Help Desk will immediately will transcribe your message 24/7 and deliver directly  to all support staff (and their mobile devices)  who will contact you right back as soon as possible.

 2. Click on the tab at the top of this page SUBMIT A REQUEST, and a support person will get right back to you: this is the best way to handle most enquiries.  If YOu can also see if a support staff member is on line for chat!  You can also send a regular  email to  support@jonathantreasure.com

this is checked daily and can be usd to request help by visitors or prospective patients but is not the best method to reach us.

3.  Office fax is 541 201 2076. Send labs, scans and other reports  this way because our faxes are digital and can then be inserted into your electronic medical record easily.

4. Physical address for Mailing if required 187 East Butler Lane, Ashland, 97520



Jonathan Treasure August 11, 2012 IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENTS

For botanical protocol fulfillment I recommend the Center  for Natural Healing in Norwalk CT. I have worked with this apothecary for many years and they have a comprehensive stock of herbs in both extract and dried form, as well a large number of  dietary supplements  that are recommended on my protocols.  For herbs and botanicals they should be used.... New patients are urged to purchase their initial protocol materials all at the same time from CNHE. Once you are settled with your protocol and its requirements you may wish to use other sources for commercial supplements (not herbs) , but I do recommend staying with the brands specified on your protocol.


The CNH East web site is at http://www.centrehealingct.com/apothecary/


Their list of supplements is at http://www.centrehealingct.com/inventory/nutritional-supplements-an...


CNH East in Norwalk, CT. 

Contact - Suzi, Anna

Phone 203 857 0202

Web: http://www.centrehealingct.com

Fax: 203 857 8181

Hours: Eastern Time  Mon-Fri 9.30 am 4.00 pm; Sat 10.00am -1.00pm

Delivery: UPS


Ashland and S. Oregon local clients may wish to use 

Jade Mountain Medicine, in Ashland OR.

Contact Jenn McCoy, Dispensary 

Email: dispensary@jademountainmedicine.com

Phone 541 482 2107 

Hours (Dispensary ) Tues Noon-5.30pm, Wed-Thur 10-5.30 pm

Jonathan Treasure June 23, 2012 FAQ FOR NEW & PROSPECTIVE PATIENTS / Get New Patient Forms Here

You can download the package of new patient forms here. When you click on the link below  the files will download as a zipped archive to your "download" folder. The forms are created as "interactive pdf files". This means you can open them on your computer using Adobe Acrobat Reader and fill them in using your keyboard to add your information. When you are done you can save them and send them back by email. Of course you can print them out and complete them by hand, then you would have to fax them back to 541 201 2076.

A couple of our forms do require your signature. It is possible to sign these forms on your computer  in Acrobat using your Secure DIgital Signature, however this is something that you should set up beforehand. If you do not know how to do this then you must print out the completed form for signing in the usual way with a pen etc, and fax (or scan and email) back to our office.

Forms that do not require a signature can simply be saved and emailed or e-faxed.


Link to download Adobe Acrobat Reader  http://get.adobe.com/reader/


Link to read about Adobe DIgital Signature  http://www.adobe.com/security/digsig.html


Click the following link to download the zipped new patient form folder.


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